Tapiwa Manjengwa ’18

Tapiwa Manjengwa

Majors: Accounting and Management

Beyond the Numbers

Accounting has been a subject of passion for me since I was in high school. I chose an accounting major because it gives me the platform to go beyond the numbers. I’ve learned to  understand business cost functions, analyze financial statements, and make informed business decisions. I also decided on a management major because it complements accounting and focuses on the qualitative aspect of the business.

How Luther Compares

Luther’s program gives students an opportunity to explore all avenues related to a specific field of study. When you look at the accounting major, you see it’s not all about numbers, but includes other components such as critical thinking and writing. For example, the senior project and audit courses offer students the chance to practice professional writing using business jargon.

Managing the Coursework

I’ve felt really challenged with some areas of the program. With the help of my classmates and professors, I’ve managed to sail through. Accounting and management majors are expected to be hardworking and passionate, so I’ve been teaching myself to build confidence in those areas.

A Course All Students Should Take

I’d recommend that all students take the Data Analysis for Business Decision-Making class. It teaches students how to use Microsoft Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. Everyone will use PowerPoint at some point in their career, regardless of major. It also teaches students how to manage big data, which is relevant for the digitized world we live in.

Are Accountants Introverts?

This is definitely not true considering the leadership roles I‘ve held at Luther.

During my second year, I was voted vice president of the International Students and Allies Association (ISAA). Our executive board set an objective to improve attendance of the organization because not many people knew about ISAA. We worked hard and implemented some new initiatives to meet this goal. Not only did we start getting a full room during our weekly meetings, but we won the Best Event of the Year 2015 (International Education Week), and received nominations for best student organization. This was a great achievement for me and the entire ISAA team because it showed that if you work hard, you can achieve a lot.

Getting Involved

During Decorah’s recent Oneota Film Festival, the Luther Diversity Center’s Men of Color group showed a documentary about a mentoring program called Alchemy. After the film, I facilitated the discussion. This was important because we shared how students face challenges on school campuses and discussed the value of community support.

Post-Graduation Plans

Working with my academic advisor, I’ve set up a plan for how I can achieve the foundation for my accounting career. My goal is to be a public accountant, which requires me to sit for the Certified Public Accountant exams after graduating with 150 credit hours.